Equipment Rental

Don't have your own studio lighting equipment?

For a nominal fee of $20 per 2-4 hour reservation, we can provide you with:
4 strobes (Paul C. Buff)
2 backdrop strobes (Neewers)
2 softboxes
3 parabolics

Just let us know you'd like this option when you book the studio and you can pay for it at the time of your reserved studio time.

- All equipment must be used within our studio premises.
- You will be responsible for any damages incurred to the equipment and a credit card authorization form must be signed prior to equipment usage.  Please bring a debit/credit card along with a photo ID to your reserved studio time.
- A studio assistant (if you need an extra hand to move things) can be provided to you at $35/hr.
- A lighting assistant (if you need someone to light your shots) can be provided to you at $60/hr.